Nuns, Cookies, and Turntables

Don’t you love stumbling on unexpected delights? 

Just before hiking the Camino de Santiago this week, we discovered the Monasterio del Corpus Christi, where, since 1607, a secret has been brewing (or should I say, baking?).

Behind its unassuming double doors lies a hidden gem: cookies baked by cloistered nuns! Butter, almond, sherry, and lemon-flavored shortbreads, along with orange biscuits coated in powdered sugar. Every single one…absolutely delicious. 

Now, what’s even more intriguing is their unique selling method. Since these nuns can’t have contact with the outside world, they’ve innovated a turntable system. You place your order (and money) on one side, and voila! The turntable spins, and out comes your delicious cookies.

Now, you might be thinking, “Cool story, Susan, but how does this apply to me?” 

Here’s my sweet lesson for you this week:

Life’s full of hidden turntables waiting to spin surprises our way! Discovering these secret nun cookies reminded me of the unexpected joys that are always hiding in plain sight. 

So here’s your challenge: find your turntable moments, the small delights that are hidden all over our lives. 

How do you do this? You start by staying curious and keeping an open mind while going about your day. You never know where the next delightful surprise is waiting.

You continue by taking risks and new turns. One might lead to the best cookie (or opportunity) you’ve ever had. Maybe it’s taking a new route on your drive, trying out that hobby you’ve always put off, or simply ordering a new type of coffee.

Those unexpected moments of joy, surprise, and delight? Seek them out, or better yet, create them. Think of the turntable as a metaphor for crafting unexpected joys in your life and for those around you. 

You know the feeling you get when someone surprises you with a random act of kindness? That’s a turntable moment. Now imagine how good it will feel to be the one to set that in motion.

Maybe it’s leaving a handwritten note of appreciation for a colleague or planting a small surprise gift for a loved one to discover. The goal is to become an architect of these unexpected delights, not just a lucky recipient. Consider the ways you can create turntable moments for others – that spin of excitement and anticipation when something unexpected comes their way.

Life has its way of surprising us when we least expect it, especially when we stay open, seek out our own delights, and enjoy every delicious bite. 


P.S. If you ever find yourself in Plaza del Conde de Miranda, don’t forget to ring that cookie buzzer. A world of yumminess awaits!

xoxo, Susan


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