Now THIS Bag is Worth the Frenzy


I’m usually spot-on when it comes to making people’s hearts race, but the excitement over this bag has left me shook!

I had it designed for the incredible women in my Summer of Yes program, and those extending their membership in my Big Yes Energy program.

Julie Mann, one of my amazing clients, recently said, “Susan inspires us to live our lives in full technicolor. In fact, joining the program, I was given the most amazing gift, a hand-beaded bag that is in full technicolor. Every time I listen to Susan’s calls, I feel an internal shift in my energy and in my belief that life can be better and better each day.” 

I created Big Yes Energy for women who are tired of a dull, beige existence and want to live in a kaleidoscope of joy, zest, and full-bodied YES. 

I’ve written before about Shoe Sale Energy – the way you feel when something is so exciting, so compelling, you’ll scale mountains to snag it. 

Now I’m taking that concept to a new level: Bejeweled Bag Energy. 

Imagine something so irresistible and spine-tingling. Something you can’t tear your eyes away from. Something that screams, “I’m f*cking fabulous!” 

That’s the way I want you to feel. That’s how I want you to treat yourself – like a Bejeweled Bag Queen.

So let’s have some fun. 

Here’s my challenge for you this week:

Identify one area of your life that needs some Bejeweled Bag Energy.

Maybe it’s your goals that need some sparkle. You’ve been procrastinating and putting things off for someday later. Or fear’s been holding you back. You’re avoiding your goals, scared things might not work out. 

Or maybe your environment needs more glitz. You’ve been letting your space get too cluttered. Or your closet is filled with items that don’t make you feel like a YES. Or there are too many vampires sucking up all your energy. 

Or you need to bring some technicolor to your relationships—setting firmer boundaries, noticing when you’re taking on too much workload, and not being afraid to speak up for your needs. 

Time to get your bejeweled bag on, boo-berry!

Choose an area of your life that needs more Bejeweled Bag Energy, and don’t just settle for a little extra sparkle. 

This is about moving through life with audacity and flair, not just drifting through in shades of beige. It’s about feeling delicious in every way, setting boundaries that honor you, and never letting anyone dim your brilliance. 

Claim that Bejeweled Bag Energy and start living in full technicolor. 

Photo by B. Drinnen

xoxo, Susan


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