Nothing is once in a lifetime.

In addition to coaching clients one-on-one and running online classes and doing my podcast and all the other jazz that I do, I also lead retreats in places like France, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, and Greece.

With each retreat, my goal is to go completely over-the-fucking-top. Fresh flowers in every bedroom. Glam photo shoots by the Eiffel Tower. Home cooked meals prepared by an Italian grandma. Champagne toast on a private yacht. Surprise guests that make my guests shriek with joy. My team and I go ALL OUT.

I want every retreat to feel like absolute paradise—and I want my guests to feel like queens.

I love it (and I hate it) when women who attend my retreats say, “This is a once in a lifetime experience!”


I love it because it makes me so happy that the retreat feels like the TOP of their travel experiences.

But I also hate it because I don’t want this to be a once in a lifetime thing. I want the joy, pleasure, and
spirit of adventure that they’re feeling to become their “new normal.”

If you love sipping a glass of Prosecco and watching the sun go down over the horizon while listening to your favorite music, that doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime experience. That’s an experience you can create for yourself every week. Or every day.

If you love getting dolled up and wearing your favorite lipstick and having fresh flowers on your bedside table—you know, like when you’re on vacation—then that’s something you can do at home, too.

If sailing on the Mediterranean Sea makes you cry with happiness, why do it just once?

Wearing your favorite outfits. Sipping coffee at dawn. Strolling through beautiful gardens. Meeting friends spontaneously for afternoon tea. Popping into a museum. Browsing through a bookstore. Exploring corners of the city you haven’t seen before. Booking a last-minute flight to go somewhere incredible. Planting tomatoes in the garden with your kids. None of these need to be once in a lifetime experiences. These can be every day, every month, every year experiences. These experiences can be… the constellation of your life.

I used to say that visiting Italy was a once in a lifetime opportunity… until I decided to go every damn year.

I used to save “the nice clothes” and “the good china” for special occasions… until I decided that every day is a special occasion.

Every day can be special and amazing, if we decide to live that way. And it’s not really about money or plane tickets or passport stamps. It’s an attitude.

Life happens just once. But nothing is once in a lifetime.

PS. You may have already seen this, but just in case it slipped past your radar… I’m doing a retreat in GREECE in October! Most of the bedrooms have been scooped up, but I’ve still got a few spaces open. Save the dates, make your deposit, and I’ll see you there! Hooray for being ALIVE!

xoxo, Susan


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