No shriveled tea bags here!

“Susan pays attention to the teeniest, tiniest details, and it makes the experience so much more magical.” – Rose Cabral

When I saw this feedback from a client, my heart swelled up like a balloon. Not just because I appreciate the kind words, but because it speaks to one of my core beliefs: that the magic of life is often found in the details.

As women, we tend to excel at taking care of all the details for other people, whether it’s remembering to order ingredients for our partner’s favorite meal, remembering someone’s favorite color, or noticing when our friend needs a pick-me-up text. 

But when it comes to ourselves, we often gloss over the details, rush through the day, and end up rolling right over those little delights. 

Whether it’s for myself or my clients, I find joy in designing beautiful, thoughtful details down to the last speck of glitter. 

At my retreats, every napkin is folded with love and precision, every glass gleams with promise, and each table setting is a little island of perfection.

I bring that same vibe into my daily life. 

When it’s time for my daily cup of tea, I’m not just plopping a shriveled tea bag into a lukewarm puddle in a chipped mug. YOKO NOOO-OHHHH!

I savor my Fortnum and Mason tea from a porcelain cup, complete with a saucer. I drizzle just the right amount of honey from a dainty silver spoon. I take my place in my snug hygge corner, cradling the warm cup, with fresh flowers perfuming the air and a pristine napkin resting on my lap.

It’s not just tea time. It’s a slice of nirvana—a whole YES moment in my day. 

Focusing on the details isn’t just about enhancing experiences for others. It’s about increasing our OWN pleasure and joy. 

When we take the time to savor the details – whether it’s in our work, our relationships, or our environment – we infuse more magic into our everyday existence.

Imagine paying closer attention to the details in your own life. Noticing how the sun peeks through your window in the morning, the soothing feel of your soft bed sheets against your skin, taking an extra moment to enjoy your coffee or tea, or even crafting more thoughtful emails. 

Now imagine adding more details to your life, details that make you burst with joy, like turning your daily shower into a spa experience, spritzing on your favorite perfume (even if you’re working from home), making a dedicated playlist to pump you up for a project, taking a new route on your walk/run/drive and soaking in the views, or pouring your favorite bubbly water into a fancy glass. 

How could those delicious little details elevate your day?

I’ve got a fun challenge for you:

For the next week, commit to adding one special detail into your life each day. Something that’s solely for YOUR pleasure and joy.

Jot these special touches down, so you won’t forget them. At the end of the week, revisit your notes. 
You’ll be astounded by how these little sprinkles of detail can create a giant wave of magic in your life.

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xoxo, Susan


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