My new TV show will have QUITE the blooper reel…..

How to survive when the dogs are barking, your cat’s trapped in a closet, your teenage son is out of control and there’s a five-man camera crew in your home.
We’d been filming for twelve straight hours, in three different locations. The final one? My family home.
The crew was tired. The sky was growing dark. And outside, the temperature was dropping fast.
We still needed another hour or two of footage, and come hell or high water, we were gonna get it.
And then — as if on cue! — both dogs started barking at once. Jake the Beagle — who is afraid of unfamiliar men — refused to come inside the house. While trying to wrangle him, I slipped and fell on the ice. On my ass. In front of the entire video crew. Then Mango the cat got trapped in a closet. And my teenage son — who had forgotten we were filming that day, despite several text messages — barged into the living room with four friends from school, just as the cameras started to roll. “Oh. Sorry, mom.”
Now. I am a “personal development expert” and a “master certified life coach.”
I make my living showing people how to handle pressure, make good choices, stay positive + cross that blessed finish line.
But in that moment, with thick piles of TV makeup starting to drip down my face?
I wanted it all to go away.
I wanted a glass — oh, make that a bottle — of Prosecco.
My dreams of writing, producing & starring in my own TV show? Whatever. Pass the Ben & Jerry’s. I’m over it.
But just as I was about to meekly turn to the lead videographer and say, “You know what? I think we should stop, for today …” my inner life coach kicked in.
And she said, Susan Oglesbee Hyatt!?
You wanted this.
You created this.
You can finish this.
And so I did.
And so can you.
Repeat after me:
I wanted this.
I created this.
I can finish this.
Simple as that.
When you’re creating something that matters … something you crave … something that’s going to change your life & others … sometimes? You just power through. Even if it’s not pretty.
Moments like that … are what make life delicious.
P.S. The world premiere of Life Is Delicious TV is coming (thanks to that grueling-but-totally-amazing twelve-hour shoot — ha!). Think: Extreme Home Makeover for your body, your career & your life. The show trailer is here:

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If you run a business (or manage a marketing budget) and walk to learn more about sponsoring LID TV, download our sponsor kit here. Want to hop straight into a convo? Email us at: sponsors@susanhyatt.co.


xoxo, Susan


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