My boring, amazing daily routine. {a video tour}

Have you ever been treated like an A-List celebrity?
A few weeks ago, it happened to me.
I was visiting the island of Aruba — where I’d been invited to deliver a keynote talk for a women’s business association. Followed by a talk for a group of high school students, too.
I’m not sure how it happened, exactly.
Maybe because I once got featured in O: The Oprah Magazine.
Maybe because I earned my master coaching credentials with Martha Beck, a world-famous author.
Maybe because… I have a lot of Facebook friends?
I have no idea.
But somehow, the lovely people of Aruba decided that I was an A-List Celebrity.

I arrived in Aruba to find posters of my face plastered up and down the streets.
The local radio station announced my arrival. “Susan Hyatt has arrived today!” (THIS IS NOT A JOKE.)
The housekeeper at the hotel made sure to introduce herself, telling me, “I know who you are.”
Government officials showed up at my keynote talk.
I felt like I was living in an alternate reality.
It was amazing, flattering … and bizarre.
And… hilarious.
Because if you’ve ever been to my home, here in small town Indiana, you would know that my everyday life is incredibly routine.
I call it: “boring and also amazing.”
Because it’s both, at the same time.
To make big, amazing things happen in your life… you’ve got to take a lot of small, boring steps.
That’s how it works.
But instead of telling you…
I want to show you.
Join me for a video tour of my boring, amazing daily routine.
(Sorry. No celebs in this video. Unless I count. Which apparently… I do?)

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PS. What are the boring, unglamorous things that YOU do, every day, to make amazing things happen? Share with us.

xoxo, Susan


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