My 49 birthday wishes for you

It’s my birthday week! 49 years ago, the world got a little more rowdy when I rolled in. 

I’ve said it before, but I truly love aging. I’ve earned my stripes. I feel more powerful and confident with each passing year. 

There’s so much more I want to deliver to the world. Y’all, I’m just getting started. 

My biggest birthday wish this year? 

To help YOU celebrate aging. Not “accept it.” Not do it “gracefully.” 

To CELEBRATE that you are alive. 

My wish for you is to be the woman with the stories, not the regrets. To collect the memories, moments, and experiences that you crave. To feel that everyday life is an adventure—a captivating story that’s always in progress. 

In honor of celebrating and experiencing this delicious life, I present:

My 49 Birthday wishes for you. 

Nothing would make me happier to watch you make one (or more!) of these wishes come true. 

  1. Mobilize for abortion rights. Check out these suggestions in my latest Instagram post
  2. Set a boundary with a family member, friend, colleague, etc… and enforce it. 
  3. Book that trip you’ve been putting off. Or come to Italy with me. 
  4. Speak up when you see something you don’t like in the world. Make a scene.
  5. Ask for what you want. Presume the answer is “yes.” 
  6. Start that business. Earn enough to ditch your day job
  7. Launch that program. Write that book. Pitch yourself for that opportunity. 
  8. Make your next meal special. Break out the good dishes. You’re worth it. 
  9. Choose a book, podcast, or TV show. Get lost in it. 
  10. Write a thank you note to someone you love.
  11. Leave a review for your favorite podcaster. 
  12. Call someone you’ve been missing. Reconnect. 
  13. Do a small act of generosity for a stranger. 
  14. Share an opinion publicly. Be brave. 
  15. Treat yourself to that slice of cake. Savor every bite. 
  16. Show some love & affection to your body. 
  17. Don’t wait for an invitation. Host your own party. 
  18. Try a new activity. Enjoy being a beginner. 
  19. Prioritize “friend” time. Plan a night out. Stay out way too late.
  20. Hire a personal stylist to shop with you. (Trust me, it’s life-changing.)
  21. Create a morning routine, something that feels nourishing for you. 
  22. Create an evening routine. Wind down in a beautiful way. 
  23. Treat yourself to a massage. Or pedicure. Or facial. Or all three. 
  24. Get paid to change lives. Become a Certified Life Coach
  25. Despite any odds, bet on yourself. 
  26. You will never be 100% ready. Do whatever it is you want… now. 
  27. Stand up for yourself today. Don’t worry about “keeping the peace.”
  28. Got an idea? Speak up and share it. You never know who is listening. 
  29. Invest in commercial real estate. Build sustainable wealth. 
  30. Inspiration is everywhere. Keep your heart open. 
  31. Write that follow-up email. Press send. 
  32. Stuck in a job you hate? Pick a date for your grand exit. Stick to it. 
  33. Choose someone special in your life. Tell them 3 reasons that you love them. 
  34. End body shame and diet drama. Read my book, BARE, or become a BARE Certified Coach
  35. Send a spontaneous note or thank you gift to someone who’s had a profound impact on your life. 
  36. Cry all your makeup off. The release is healing. 
  37. Have the birthday and holidays that YOU want. Take back your power. 
  38. Recognize all the ways that the invisible workload creeps into your life. Get rid of it. 
  39. You can’t control what other people think of you. Let it go. 
  40. Feeling stressed? Step away from your desk. Take a breath. Come back refreshed.
  41. Have a negative thought? Try reframing it in a positive light. 
  42. Whatever you’re dreaming about… there’s always a way to get it started. It’s go time.
  43. Don’t commit to anything unless you’re 100% excited to be there. 
  44. Have a big goal? Go ALL IN. 
  45.  Don’t shrink or hide. Be fierce, stubborn, and insistent. Get more of what you want. 
  46. Dress to delight yourself—not to impress or pacify other people.
  47. Give yourself 24-hours to make a decision when possible. Be intentional with your time & energy. 
  48. Do something to shock and amaze yourself. 
  49. Believe that you are UNSTOPPABLE. 

Which of these 49 wishes will you make come true? 

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Blowing out my birthday candles in honor of you, 


xoxo, Susan


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