Don’t leave until the miracles happen.

Do you need a dose of good news…for a change? 

I got you covered. Here are 3 pieces of excellent news to brighten your Sunday.

In the last 2 weeks:

– Robert Hartwell, a Black gay man, bought his first home. A historic home built back when slavery was still legal. He’s moving in, renovating, and he will fill the house with light and love and make his ancestors proud. 500,000 people commented joyfully on his *new home post* to share words of congratulations and excitement. A miracle.

– Rachel Rodgers, a Black mother of 4, had her first 7 figure month in sales. You read that right. $1 million in sales. In 1 month. Ten years ago, this woman was so broke she could barely afford to put her child into a daycare program. Another miracle.

– Melissa Cassera, a woman who decided to pursue her dream of being a TV screenwriter at age 35 (everyone told her, “Forget it, you’re too old, it’s too late to break into Hollywood, you gotta start at age 21 and gradually work your way up the ladder”) got the confirmed dates for when her 3-part trilogy will air on TV. Miraculous.

Miracles are happening. Even now. Even during this unusually tough year. 

Screenplays are getting written. Businesses are pivoting and being reborn. Sales are coming in. Dreams are being fought for, and achieved. Many of my clients are having their biggest revenue months, ever. People are finding joy and delight in all the corners of everyday life: the sunrise, the backyard waterslide, that coffee cup. And you can, too. 

If you feel discouraged by all the challenges that 2020 has brought, I want to remind you to just keep going. Keep doing the work. 

If you feel tired, rest and recharge. Just don’t quit. 

Miracles are happening for those who dare to keep dreaming and working and asking and selling and who refuse to give up.

Keep going. Like the saying goes: 

“Don’t leave before the miracle happens.”

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xoxo, Susan


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