Measure memories, not calories

I created BARE because I’m sick & tired of the patriarchy and the $60 billion dollar diet industry distracting women from owning their full power & potential.

And the patriarchy tries to control women in many different ways. 

One very sneaky way that this “control” manifests is through the cultural pressure for women to constantly monitor and regulate their bodies. 

From counting calories to steps to water intake – it’s like we’re on a never-ending treadmill of constraint, track, and measure. 

The societal pressure to look a certain way can be intense, particularly in the spring and summer months. 

And with unrealistic portrayals of women’s bodies and lofty beauty standards littered everywhere, there’s a new culture among us… one of self-surveillance. 

Just the other day, I noticed an Instagram post from a very popular influencer, talking about her life-changing habits and favorite ways to stay productive as the weather warms and the heat rises. 

The post started with a “body check” and continued with various “tips” around tracking, measuring, and restricting things like water, carbs, and calories that she claims will boost your productivity levels and change your life for the better.

This is not an isolated incident. As women, we often find ourselves distracted and confused, trying to achieve this patriarchal idea of “life-changing productivity” – which is really just diet culture in disguise.

The patriarchy thrives on our insecurities and pushes the narrative that we need to monitor, track, and tweak things to be acceptable to society.

There are countless apps and programs on the market that cause you to obsess over every step, every hour of sleep, and every bite you eat. 

Susan Hyatt Coach

That’s not health—it’s stress, and it’s distracting us from our joy, our pleasure, and from living our lives fully. 

All this “monitoring” and “tracking” pushes us farther away from pursuing our passions, finding our purpose, and experiencing pleasure. It teaches us that we can’t be trusted to learn what our bodies need—how much water, food, sleep, movement, etc. 

And when we don’t trust ourselves to make decisions? That’s exactly what the patriarchy wants. 

I’ve seen so many of my clients struggle with relaxing, resting, and seeking joy because they’re stuck in this mode of tracking and measuring.

Here’s a revolutionary thought: how about we ditch the scale, and the tracking apps, and fill our lives with moments, memories, pleasure, rest, and joy? 

How about we measure our lives in moments, not calories?

It’s time to reclaim our time, our bodies, and our power.

Take excellent care of yourself. 

Trust that your body knows what it needs. 

Fill your life with beautiful moments that don’t involve charting your water intake.

You only get one life. Make it count.

I want every woman reading this email to stop tracking and start living.

xoxo, Susan


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