Mark the Moment!

I will never forget what it felt like to tear open that envelope.

My first royalty check from my publisher for my book,


Not a skimpy check, either. A nice, big, five-figure check. 

I squealed and did a happy-booty-dance in the center of my kitchen—because this check represented so much more than just money. It represented triumph against the odds.

All the memories flooded back. 

All the publishers who rejected my book proposal because they didn’t “get it” or didn’t think I had a “big enough platform” to make the book a financial success. 

All the months of writing and re-writing and painstakingly re-writing even more. 

All the highs and lows—and thousands of miles of airline travel—during my multi-city tour to promote the book.

All the nights in hotel rooms—away from my husband and kids—so I could wake up at 4 am, get into hair and makeup, roll into a radio or TV studio for an early AM appearance, and spread the book’s message of self-love and empowerment. 

Long days, long nights, and incredibly hard work—rewarded.

A few days later, my husband said, “Hey, I’m heading to the bank today. Want me to deposit that check for you?”

I told him, “OH HELL NO.”

Because I wanted to walk into the bank—in person, in my sassiest outfit, with my head held high—and make the deposit myself. I wanted to mark the moment, make a fuss over myself, and celebrate fully.

Life can feel frenetically busy. It’s easy to gloss over our accomplishments and rush right along to the next to-do list item.

It’s so important to pause, occasionally, and mark the moment. Acknowledge your work. Your progress. Your victory. Really feel it. Taste it. Let it sink in. 

Your first blog reader. 

Your first dollar, earned. 

Your 100th mailing list subscriber. 

Your first “hey, this really helped me” fan-email from a complete stranger. 

Your to-do list: completed. Brave steps: taken. A bold, audacious proposal: sent. Promises: kept. Or the first year that you can actually put “coach” or “writer” or “actor” as your legitimate profession on your tax return. 

Whatever season you’re currently in, there’s always a reason to celebrate. 

The more we celebrate, the more energized we feel. And the more energized we feel, the more we rise and soar—and the faster we accomplish whatever’s next. 

Don’t let your latest victory slip through your fingers and fade away, un-acknowledged. 

Mark the moment.

Because damn. Look at you go. Against the odds. Despite all the reasons to hide, shrink, or quit. 

You did it. 

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xoxo, Susan


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