What makes your feet sweaty?

Back when I was a newbie coach, one of my very first mentors told me, “Don’t trust your head. Trust your body. Your body never lies.”

Your body gives you clear signals: No. Maybe. Meh. Hell no. YESSSSSS.

If you listen, the signals are always there.

When you learn how to tune into your body—your internal Google—you make better decisions. You complete projects faster. You make more money. You soar forward instead of being stuck in the mud.

I’ve learned that my body likes to talk to me…through my feet.

When I hear an idea that’s so so so good—my feet get sweaty. Literally. The soles of my feet start sweating. This happens with my own ideas. It happens when I listen to my clients, too.

When a client tells me a really fantastic idea—for instance, an idea for a product that I know will sell and make millions—my feet start sweltering. I gotta kick off my shoes and air those puppies out!

I’m currently planning a Bridgerton-themed retreat in England in 2022. A week of absolute luxury. Afternoon tea in the garden. String quartet in the solarium. A chance to get dressed up to the nines, and live, live, live with all your heart—savoring life to the last drop.

I was considering one venue and asked the property manager to give me a tour via Zoom. I wanted to scope out the dining hall, the bedrooms, the entire estate.

Five minutes into the tour, I burst into tears and my feet were on fire.

I knew, “This is the one.”

The feet never lie.

What is your TELL sign?

What’s the clue that lets you know, “YES. THIS. This is it.”

This is the idea, the direction, the person, the right move to make.

Maybe (like me) you feel it in your feet.

Or maybe your cheeks get flushed, you get butterflies in your stomach, you get a massive surge of energy, or tingles behind your ears.

Pay attention to the signs.

Your brain can play tricks on you. But your body only speaks the truth.

What’s your body saying, today?

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xoxo, Susan


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