Struggling to make money as a coach?

Oh hayy, 

One of my favorite things to do is help coaches make more money. Because when women have more money, they have more power. And I’m all about smashing the patriarchy and putting more women in charge. 

If you’re a coach and feel like getting more clients and earning more money is an unsolvable mystery, lemme put on my detective cap and help you out.

Here are the top 3 reasons you’re not earning the money that you want (yet!) as a coach.

REASON #1: You’re not clearly communicating your offer

When you book a spa service like a massage or facial – the process is easy. You read about the offer, which is typically no more than a paragraph that clearly defines the service. Click, book, done!

In coaching, some people overcomplicate their offers. Instead of a straightforward explanation, they ramble on for many paragraphs – leaving the potential client scratching their head in confusion. 

Take a peek at your offer description. Is it clear? Succinct? Easy to book? If not, rewrite your description to sound more like a spa service. Pure bliss and more profits ahead!

REASON #2: You’re listening to other people’s opinions

When I first became a coach 15 years ago, lots of people had opinions. They thought I’d fail and be back selling real estate within a matter of months. It seemed no one was confident in my ability to make life coaching a successful career.  

Instead of shrinking down and listening to their opinions, I doubled down on my goals. I tuned out the voices who didn’t serve me and broadcasted my new career louder and prouder. Today, I have a multi-million dollar coaching business. Where would I be if I’d listened to them?

REASON #3: You’re working too “hard”

I’m not against hard work, but if you’re pouring energy into things that aren’t paying off – then you’re not working too hard… for nothing. 

Time to take a step back and reevaluate. Maybe you’re spending hours a day posting on Instagram, but all of your clients come from local speaking gigs. Or you’re spending loads of time teaching group classes (that you kinda hate) when you could just have a small, elite group of private clients at a high price point and make the same amount of money (or even more) with less stress. 

The good news is that if you want to rake in more profits, it’s in your power to get it done. 

Cheers to a more profitable YOU!

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xoxo, Susan


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