Let’s get you WRITING!

A couple weeks ago, I did a free webinar called “Stop Procrastinating. Start Writing.” Nearly 1,800 people signed up to watch—more sign-ups than any webinar I’ve done in the past. I told my assistant Ashley, “Damn! My peeps REALLY want to write!”

It was a beautiful webinar. If you missed it, you can watch the recording here. If you already saw it, and you’re like, “Yaaaass! Love it! More please!”… I’ve got great news for you.

I’ve joined forces with my writing coach—the amazing Alex Franzen—to bring you a brand new writing class called DIG DEEP. It’s moving. It’s motivating. It’s got excellent writing tips. It’s also got video footage of us dancing with a Broadway choreographer. (Because… sometimes the best way to bust through writer’s block is to shake yo’ booty and blast some great music!)

Should you sign up for this class?

YES, you should, if…

– You want to stop stalling and making excuses and start writing.

– You want to build up the courage to share your writing publicly.

– You want to learn how to quiet down your inner critic / perfectionist.

– You want to get published in magazines and on websites and blogs but you’re not sure how to make that happen.

– You want to learn how to write blog posts, articles, newsletters, and other materials that feel vulnerable, moving, and meaningful. You want to write pieces that go deep—pieces that make people think, laugh, and cry, and feel inspired to take action.

– You already love my work—and/or Alex’s work—and you want to hear some of our behind-the-scenes stories about writing, publishing, anxiety, perfectionism, and more.

DIG DEEP is an online class with an independent-study format. Work at your own pace. No time pressure. No deadlines. You can go through the materials in one sitting, or space it out. Write as much or as little as you want.

To see all the details, head over here: https://susanhyatt.co/dig-deep/

You can register today with a deposit of $47.

Go for it! Enjoy all of the videos, workbooks, pep talks, and publishing tips that you’ll find inside the class. Let’s get you WRITING!

PS. Any questions about this class? Send a note to support@susanhyatt.co and ask anything on your mind. You’ll get a personal response from either myself, Alex, or my assistant Ashley. Thank you!

xoxo, Susan


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