Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Oh hayyy,

If you want to bring down the patriarchy and create equality, you’ve got to let your freak flag fly. 

A woman once came to me, scared that she was too “woo” to be taken seriously as an entrepreneur. 

She had a freshly-minted consulting practice and was excited to start getting her message and services out into the world. One of the coolest things this woman did was blend metaphysical practices (tarot card readings, astrology, crystals) with business strategy (data, analytics, KPI). 

When I peeked at her branding and copy, I was shocked. Everything sounded like a corporate robot. Her magical personality & spirit were nowhere to be found. Where were the crystals? Was her poor tarot card deck banished to the back room? Damn, I couldn’t even find her astrological sign listed in her bio. You’re a Taurus, booberry!

To this woman, her “freak flag” was the metaphysical, spiritual, “woo” side of her. The very things that made her so special and exciting, she was desperate to hide. 

She rattled off some concerns. 

What if potential clients were turned off? 
If they’re scared of a crystal, you better bounce them right outta your space. 

She worked with men and women. Wouldn’t the men find this unprofessional? 
An entire gender doesn’t feel the same way. Lots of men love spirituality! And if they don’t, they’re simply not your ideal client.

Beyond addressing her objections, I gave her some tough-loving advice. 

Remaining stifled and scared of people getting to know the real you… is exactly what the patriarchy wants. 

It’s critically important to reveal who you really are in life and business. Repressing yourself to make others more comfortable is always a losing proposition. Being honest about who you are and what you believe in is the strategy you need to succeed. 

To get brave and let your freak flag fly – practice the art of not giving a f*ck. 

There are lots of things we should “give a f*ck” about. Our core values, mission, the work we’re put on this earth to do. 

When it comes to being loud, opinionated, making a scene, or meditating at your crystal alter – that’s when you shouldn’t give a f*ck. Censoring yourself will never lead to meaningful change.  

And if you’re a coach, consultant, or someone who helps others for a living, the best thing you can do is shine bright and serve as a role model for freak flag flying. When you inspire others to show up as their authentic self, you magnetize clients and opportunities. 

The next time you’re tempted to censor yourself, proudly declare that you don’t give a f*ck because you’re letting your freak flag fly. 

I promise the more you stand in your power, the more meaningful change you’ll create. 

Let that flag fly, booberry. I’m right there with you.

xoxo, Susan


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