Learn to Love Your Body

“I always see things saying ‘LOVE YOUR BODY’ and stuff like that. My problem is… I literally don’t know how to love my body. I don’t think I’ve ever loved my body. I never like seeing photos of myself. When I look into the mirror I feel mediocre, on a good day, or disgusted, on a bad day. I WISH I could love my body but… I feel like my brain doesn’t know how to do that.”-Gloria

Oh boo. I hear you. And I’m here for you.

But first…

Here’s a statistic that gets me all fired up…
Did you know that 97% of women intensely dislike their bodies and feel ashamed to be seen.

This used to be my story—dodging away from the camera, avoiding big decisions about my career because I felt ugly and fat. This might be your story, too. This is a story that so many women share. And it’s a story that we must bring to an end.

In this episode of the BARE Podcast, I’m answering Gloria’s question and I’m sharing a tool to help you take small steps towards loving your body.

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Listen, it didn’t happen for me overnight. It can take time. It can happen in small turtle steps.

One of the steps for you might be to FORGIVE YOURSELF. 

Maybe you starved.
Maybe you binged.
Maybe you invested thousands on diet programs that did not work.
Maybe you’ve lashed out at your body in a million ways.

Maybe you ducked out of your own wedding photos because you felt ashamed about how you looked.

Forgive yourself.

Forgive it all.

Every moment. Every choice.

It’s all behind you now.

Holding onto pain and frustration from the past isn’t helping you.
It’s just heavy luggage that you don’t need. Let it go.

Baby, you’re free.

How would a “free woman” live today?

xoxo, Susan


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