Just decide

Recently, a client of mine decided to do some purging and decluttering.

Her home and office were crammed with years upon years of clutter and she decided, “Enough is enough. It’s time for a new vibe!”

She pretended like she was on a game show—the kind of show where you only have 10 seconds to answer a question and slam a buzzer and if you wait too long…bleeeeeep! Time’s up. 

She grabbed a book. Keep or donate? Decide quick! She touched an armchair. Yes or no? Quickly! The timer is counting down! She kept moving forward, swiftly, only allowing herself 10-15 seconds for each decision.

This method was incredibly effective. 

She told me, “Pretending I was a contestant on a game show helped me so much. In the past, I would agonize over decisions like these and stall for hours and get overwhelmed or just give up. But this time it felt fun. I got so much done!”

There’s a powerful lesson here.

And it’s not just about decluttering. It’s about achieving success with any project, whether it’s purging your garage or building a million dollar company.

To be successful, you have to be decisive. 

You have to make decisions quickly and get on with it!

You need momentum. 

Occasionally, I have clients who agonize over every single decision. These are the kinds of people who take 4 hours to send 1 email because they second-guess every line, want 20 people to weigh in and give input, never feel like it’s good enough, or change their mind at the last moment and decide to start over. 

I love all of my clients dearly. 

But sometimes, I want to put my hands on their shoulders and say: 

“Just make a decision already. You’ve already spent way too much time ruminating on this. Decide. And move on.” 

Look, there’s a time and a place for deep contemplation. There are some matters that require prolonged thought and patience to work out. But 95% of decisions in life and business can be made quickly. If you train yourself to make decisions quickly, and stay in a state of forward momentum, you will be extremely successful. 

Think about a decision that you need to make.

Pretend you’re on a game show. 

The timer is counting down and you have 10 seconds to make a choice. 

Trust your heart. Trust your gut. Just 7 seconds remaining.

Trust that there isn’t a “right or wrong” choice. It’s all good either way. 5 seconds now.

What matters is simply that you decide. 


Susan Hyatt

Challenge for today: Pick one decision you’ve needed to make for awhile. It could be what color to paint your bedroom. Or what to title your next blog post. Or whether to hire your first employee or not. Challenge yourself to make that decision. Today. There’s massive power in the act of deciding. 

xoxo, Susan


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