Judgment happens. Celebrate you anyway.


People often wonder why I spend time talking about my hate mail.

Every time I post a hilarious hater email, someone wants to advise me to “stop wasting your energy on things like that!” But that’s not what is going on with me. I create conversations about it because I talk to women every single day who are struggling under the emotional weight of “shut it down moments.”  I talk about it to spread light and not shade.

Which brings me to the last 48 hours. One Ladyboss who started her own business and just opened her first brick and mortar store location shared that a lot of people tried to “warn her” that she was taking a risk (gasp) and that she’s silly to try and make money in her industry (she’s killing it — FYI). And another messaged me that local PTA moms are spreading rumors about her because how dare she travel, look amazing and create a business. “Must mean she’s leaving her husband!”

Listen to my latest podcast with my friend Koren Motekaitis and hear … 12547504_1662310494057076_1130966632_n

  • How to own your power in the face of judgment.
  • Why strong boundaries are soooo crucial to your joy (and how you can maintain them in life + business).
  • What the upside to the dark-side of jealousy looks like
  • How to stop giving in to limitations and consciously create your life.
  • The simple way to break down your armor and show up with love.

Click here to listen.

Want to read my latest hater letter?

“Dear Susan, I am going to tell you the truth. I am sick of seeing your fun party photos and your vacations. And you aren’t as cute as you think and I hope your business dries up.”

And my response?

Dear Hater: I’m going to tell you the truth. You don’t ever have to look at my social media or website again. Isn’t that great news for you? You can look away. And never see me again! It’s your lucky day!

PS. I’m going to amp up all my party and travel photos just in case you decide to peek anyway.

PSS. You have no idea how cute I think I am. I am so much cuter than you think I think I am. Like, x 1000.


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xoxo, Susan


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