It’s Not Bragging

If the idea of singing your own praises freaks you out, today’s message is for you. 

Lots of clients come to me – deathly afraid of promoting their work or accomplishments. 

Susan, what if people think that I’m too sales-y? 

I can’t share that on Instagram. People will think I’m annoying and collectively roll their eyes!

Seriously, do I have to send ANOTHER email about my offer? But I’ve already sent three! Won’t I be canceled from their inbox… and possibly their life?

Here’s what I tell clients who don’t want to brag or hesitate to share their work, share a win, or promote their business. 

You’re not bragging — you’re ADVOCATING.

What do I mean by “advocating?” By definition, advocacy is supporting, promoting, defending, or pleading for the interests of a cause. It’s not about being “boastful” or “braggy” – it’s advocating for a cause – that “cause” being your mission and how you show up and serve. 

If you’re a coach, consultant, or service-based entrepreneur, you’re here on this planet to make a difference in your clients’ lives. If you don’t tell them about the difference you make, you are actually doing them a disservice. Think about it: they have a problem, challenge, or struggle and desperately need help. You have a solution for them, but if you don’t talk about it – they won’t even know that solution exists! 

It’s like you’re the Fairy Godmother and your clients are Cinderella. In the fairytale, the Fairy Godmother has all the ingredients to help get Cinderella to the ball. She casts a spell so that Cinderella’s evil step-family won’t recognize her, warns her of the time limit before the clock strikes, and gives her a pair of magical glass slippers. 

Could you imagine if the Fairy Godmother was floating around out there with her wand and slippers, Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo’ing all over the place, knowing of Cinderella’s peril, and was like: “I really don’t want to bother her and tell her how I can help.” Talk about destroying a happy ending!

When you’re advocating, you’re not screaming to the world: “look at me and how awesome I am!” (Even though you are awesome and, hey, it’s totally fine to want people to look at you.)

Instead, when you toot your own horn, you’re saying to people: “come with me, let’s make things happen. Here are your glass slippers. I want to lift you up.” 

More importantly, by not bragging and horn-tooting, you’re upholding the patriarchy. The confidence gap between men and women is a real issue. Research shows that men brag a lot more than women, leading to more promotions, raises, and power. 

I want more women flexing their success and deeply believing that their work matters because THAT will lead to more money, opportunities, and equality.  

If you don’t toot your own horn, no one else is gonna. 

Let’s start by making a list of at least 3 amazing things you’ve accomplished in life and share them in the Go Time Facebook Group

Let’s pave the way for a shift in our culture. 

Bragging rights: granted.

xoxo, Susan


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