It’s NEVER the “right time” to do … anything worth doing. Do it anyway.

“It’s not the right time …
… to start my business.
… to commit to a new fitness regime.
… to go for my Masters degree.
… to enroll in that super-cool class.
… to take a life-changing sabbatical.
… to move to the city I want to live in.
… to get married.
… to have kids.”
Hotness? Guess what.
When it comes to taking a risk, making a move and creating what you crave …
It’s NEVER the “right time.”
It’s NEVER the “perfect moment.”
You’ll NEVER have “exactly enough” time, energy, or safety-cash socked away in the bank.
There will ALWAYS be at least one “perfectly good reason” to wait … just a little bit longer.
But the people who make things happen … who consistently create miracles … who DO instead of just dream … are the people who have learned to say the following words:
“The right time is NOW. Because I SAY SO.”
Whatever “perfectly good reasons” you have for waiting “just a little bit longer …” Acknowledge them. Honor them. And then let those suckers GO.
It’s NEVER the right time to do … anything worth doing.
Until it IS.
Because you SAY SO.
P.S. I wanna see some ACTION. Get your bootie over to Facebook and tell me:
“Today is the RIGHT TIME to ______________. Because I SAY SO.”
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It’s ALWAYS the right time to learn how to be a better coach and entrepreneur.
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xoxo, Susan


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