It might be time to recalibrate your life

One thing that clients have in common when they hire me is that they are really ambitious. They have big dreams & goals and make bold moves to make things happen. 

Another thing my clients have in common? They are so laser-focused on their goals… that they forget to have fun!

And when they do manage to squeeze some fun into their life? They feel exhausted. From joy.

Y’all, this is not okay. 

If joy exhausts you, you need to recalibrate your life. 

You can start by figuring out the last time you experienced REAL joy outside of your professional goals. 

And yes, I totally get that you are passionate about your work. It brings you joy. Same for me! But “work” alone will not fill your cup. 

You’ve got to mix other types of delight into your life, or you’ll steamroll right into burnout.  

If you can’t remember the last time you’ve experienced true joy outside of your business/career, it’s no wonder that you feel exhausted after having a bit of fun!

When your body & mind are devoid of pleasure, you will experience a wild rush of endorphins when you have fun… and then a crash. Suddenly, you feel like you need a “vacation from your vacation” or a “nap after a 2-hour brunch with friends”.

It’s very similar to exercising. Let’s say you have a Peloton bike, like me. You started out on a high note – taking classes and clocking those milestones, but your bike has turned into a coat rack for the last month (or three).

One day, you decide to jump back on the bike for a ride with Cody. No big deal, Cody is a blast! After 30-minutes of panting and pushing on the bike, you collapse into a puddle of sweat. Your muscles ache. You’re tired. Your recovery time is longer than usual because your body needs to acclimate to the exercise once again. 

The same thing happens with joy. 

You do something fun – like head to the beach with friends, soaking up the rays and enjoying a picnic lunch and nourishing conversation. Then you come home hours later, completely exhausted because your mind & body are simply not used to having that much fun.

But when you build more fun into your life – working that joy muscle – suddenly you need much less recovery time, until eventually, you don’t need to recover at all. 

Pure, unfiltered joy with no side effects. 

We get one life, so let’s live it! Flex your joy. Have more fun. Soak up more pleasure. 

It’s great to stay focused on your professional goals. You can be driven & ambitious AND have a rich life outside of work. 

This week, make joy & fun a priority. Build more and more of it into your life. Devour it until it ENERGIZES and FUELS you. 

Make every day a fucking delight.  


P.S. If you’re “tired of being tired” after having fun, I want to help you break out of this frustrating pattern. What you need is vision, direction, accountability, and a Coach who will keep you committed to joy. You’ll find all of this and so much more inside my program – SUMMER OF YES. Registration closes on June 8th. Scope out all the details & sign up. Get ready to have your best summer yet!

xoxo, Susan


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