It all started on a napkin.

This past weekend I celebrated my 15th business anniversary. 

Fifteen years ago, when I first opened my coaching practice, I would never have believed – or even dreamed of – the life & business I have right now. 

Back then, I was a burnt-out realtor, obsessively yo-yo dieting, completely devoid of any kind of pleasure. I was self-critical, full of doubt, and miserable.  

The idea of running a multi-million dollar business, becoming a bestselling author, or speaking on stage at TEDx seemed impossible back then. 

Despite the odds, I bet on myself. 

I got certified as a Life Coach, gaining the tools & skills to help myself and help my future clients. 

I scribbled my year one business plan on the back of a Delta napkin, took action, and accomplished everything I envisioned that first year. 

My business plan continued to evolve and level up each year. I went from private coaching to adding group experiences, workshops, dinner parties, and international retreats to my business model. 

Later, that turned into hosting large conventions, a multi-city book tour, a documentary for my BARE work, and my own holiday special. 

Here are some things I’ve learned along the way. 

:: The more pleasure you experience, the more money you make. 

As women, we are raised to be altruistic in a self-sacrificing/martyr fashion. But self-care and pleasure are non-negotiable. Pleasure is what you need to make the money that you want. Pleasure is what you need to get clear about how to use your talents and bring your unique gifts to the world. 

:: Stay in the miracle. 

Even when you don’t have the answers yet, even when things are knotted into a mess, trust that it’s not a setback… it’s a “set-up” for a miracle. 

:: Bet on yourself. 

As Beyonce once said: “I don’t like to gamble, but if there is one thing I’m willing to bet on… it’s myself.” Over my fifteen years in business, I consistentlybet on myself—even when people doubted me. Have trust in yourself. If you’re gonna take a gamble on anything… why not bet on YOU? 

:: Let your freak flag fly. 

Showing up as your most authentic self and not being afraid to ruffle feathers is one of the best ways to shatter glass ceilings and smash the patriarchy. Will some people not like it? Of course. But those are not “your people.” Don’t let anyone dim your shine. 

:: Be a CLASSIC. 

Avoid shiny object syndrome when it comes to marketing. Lean on classic principles that stand the test of time and give those strategies a modern spin. 

:: Stop waiting. 

There are several moments in business when you need to hurl yourself into the unknown and do something that you won’t feel “ready for.” Here’s the thing: you will never feel completely ready. You will never be completely ready. If you are waiting for that moment of 100% readiness, you will be waiting forever. 

Show up. Be bold. Make a scene. 

Fifteen years down, and all I’ve got left to say is… it’s GO TIME. 


xoxo, Susan


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