Is this your dream job?

Hey Boo! 

– Are you passionate about helping women and girls to feel braver and more confident… so they can pursue their biggest dreams?

– Does your heart break when you see women dieting, getting twisted up in unhealthy eating patterns, or saying awful things about their bodies?

– Would you love to show women how to fall in love with their bodies, and feel strong, sexy, and powerful?

– Would you love to run a full-time (or part-time) coaching practice, making extra money by coaching women, leading workshops and retreats, or doing speaking engagements on health, self-esteem, and body image topics?

If all of that sounds like your “dream job,” then you should check out the BARE™ coach certification program.

The next certification program begins on March 14th, and we’re taking the whole course ONLINE!! Click here (or on the picture below) to watch a short video all about it!  

That’s right, Boo. No travel expense. No time away from your family. And EVERYTHING you need to build a successful coaching business using the BARE methodology.

If you’re thinking, “What is BARE™? What the heck is Susan talking about?”… let me fill you in on the details:


– BARE™ is a coaching process that I developed and trademarked after working with over 1,000 women. After watching my clients agonize about their weight, obsess over calories and carbs, and try every ridiculous, harmful diet under the sun, I decided, “Enough.” I created BARE™ to show women how to transform your body without dieting, and without being cruel to yourself. BARE™ started out as a 6-week program, and it has blossomed into a book, a coach certification program, and an international movement. (And ladies, we’re just getting started…)


– As a certified BARE™ coach, you’ll learn how to take this powerful process and use it with your own clients. If you’re a life coach, wellness coach, fitness trainer, yoga instructor, therapist, teacher, healer, or anyone who works with…or wants to work with women and girls on body / health / wellness / empowerment topics, this would be an excellent certification to add to your arsenal of skills.

If you want to see what is included, check out all the deets right here! 

And if you’re ready to apply for your spot in Class click here and fill out this short application. I’ll look over everything and be in touch soon!


xoxo, Susan


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