Ireland & I “might” have a hickey on my neck

Hey heyyyyy.


If you are coming to my Life is Delicious Retreat in Ireland, guess what?




We are going horseback riding through the rolling hills of Kerry!


Ponies ponies omg!!




Followed by a cheese and cider tasting.


Best field trip EVER.

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If you’ve been thinking about coming along to this retreat, now (like now-now) is the time to sign up. Just two seats left. Make your deposit so that you can hop to the fun part: selecting which room you want to sleep in at… the manor! Details here: https://susanhyatt.co/ireland/


P.S. Here is what other adventurers said about their retreats:

xoxo, Susan


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This November, I’m whisking 9 people off to Marrakech, Morocco—one of the most vibrant, mythical, and surreal places in the entire world. Join this lavish retreat and leave with beautiful memories, deep friendships, a renewed spirit, and a life bursting with joy & adventure.
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