Investing in connection is important.

“Investing in connection is important.”
I was recently tagged in a post by one of my lovely colleagues, Katrina McGhee, where she shared why she decided to come to Finish Strong, THE event of the year for coaches, coaches-in-training, consultants—all types of serving, healing, and helping professionals.


The first line where she wrote about how investing in connection is important, ummmmm EXACTLY!


And so many of us just aren’t making time for that anymore. Not in person anyways. Internet connection is real, don’t get me wrong. But in person, face to face connection can be SO ENERGIZING. Even for an introvert like me (Yep! I’m an introvert y’all).













Katrina wrote, “I’ve participated in several events with Susan over the past 18 months. And every time I meet “her people”, I meet at least one person who changes my life. Seriously. In fact, 4 of the people I stayed with over these past 3 weeks were friends I made through events with Susan. Yes, really. Not to mention that several of my ideal clients came from Susan’s orbit. Life. Changing.


When Susan Hyatt announced her Finish Strong Event during my 30-Day Connection Challenge, I knew it was meant to be. It was an opportunity to keep building connection and finding more of my people.


It can be scary to attend events all alone or to try something new. I signed up for this 2-day event without knowing who would be attending. Because when your 30-day challenge is Connection and you’ve gone all in… you don’t let fear or vulnerability stop you from seizing an amazing opportunity when it arrives.

Katrina McGhee, Career Strategist kmcgheecoaching.com


Time. Money. Energy. Heart. At some point you have to invest in each of these to get what you really want in life. On this day, I gladly paid my deposit for the chance at more soul-filling connection ❤”


YAAASSSSSSS Queen! YAAAASSSSS! I cannot wait to see you there! My tribe is amazing.




PS. Will I see you there? If you’re ready to bring your coaching practice—and your income—to the next level register here.

xoxo, Susan


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