Introducing: The Hyatt Scholarship.


Have you ever received a gift that changed your life? I have.

Back when I was a Sophomore in college, there was a woman who created a scholarship especially for female students majoring in Political Science. I applied and I got it.

I received $2,500 a year, which I was allowed to spend wherever it was needed most. $2,500 was a life-changing amount of money for me. It meant I could buy books without feeling stressed. It meant I could invest in a couple of nice outfits for job interviews. It meant I could hold my head a little higher, knowing that someone out there believed in me and wanted to help me succeed. That scholarship meant the world to me. And now, it’s time to pay it forward.

Introducing: The 2018 Hyatt Scholarship

Who it’s for

This is a $5,000 scholarship for a woman* who dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. If you’re currently enrolled in college as an undergraduate, you’re welcome to apply.

If chosen, you can deposit the money right into your checking or savings account and use it however you see fit.

*This means anyone who identifies as a woman, whether you were born with biological female genitalia or not.

How to apply

– Please write an essay (1,500 words or less) OR send me a video (5 minutes or less) and share something you see in the world that breaks your heart—and how you intend to solve this problem. Are you inventing a world-changing product? Are you launching a new kind of dating app? Are you starting a video production company that elevates minority voices and stories? How will your current (or future) business make the world a better place?

– Please attach your essay to an email and send it to support@susanhyatt.co. Put “Hyatt Scholarship” into your subject line.

– Inside your email, please include your full name, date of birth, the name of your college, your phone number, and the names of three references and their emails and phone numbers, too.

– Be creative. Be gutsy. Don’t be afraid to stand out and make a scene. If there’s anything “extra” that you want to include in your email application—a video where you introduce yourself, a link to your amazing podcast, a special letter of recommendation, or anything else—go for it. Let your personality shine.

Deadline to apply

August 1, 2018

Recipient will be announced on

August 15, 2018

Contribute to the scholarship fund

If you love this idea, you can make a donation—in any amount—to the scholarship fund by clicking here.

I’m committed to setting aside $5,000 of my own money for the first scholarship, of course. But if other women (like you) want to contribute to the fund, that’s amazing. That means I’ll be able to offer scholarships to several women this year—not just one.

Imagine how incredible it will feel for each scholarship recipient to know that hundreds of women chipped in whatever they could—$5, $20, $50, $100, whatever they could spare—to help her rise and soar.

Let’s do this!

Forward this email along to a woman who should apply. Or share this link—xx—on social media to spread the word.

It’s one thing to talk about supporting the next generation of women. It’s another thing to actually do it.

Today, right now, let’s do this.

xoxo, Susan


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