I’ll Take One of Everything

Oh hayyy ladies,

There are lots of things I’m really “into.” Gorgeous shoes. Fancy ass teacups. Smashing the patriarchy. 

The latest thing I’m obsessed with? My garden.

Because my garden has gone from a neglected mountain of weeds to a major priority, I’ve got a top-rated, local lawn service handling some of its maintenance. 

Recently, after a service, the company latched a little bag onto my door handle with an invoice and glossy postcard promoting their upgraded services. 

I immediately had FOMO. I thought I’d signed up for everything this company had to offer – and here they were dangling these lush gardening services in front of my face. Why wasn’t I already signed up for these things?! 

I called the company and promptly told the women on the other end that I wanted these upgraded extras. As she was typing away, plugging in my order, I asked about additional options. 

Confused, the woman asked specifically what I was looking for. 

My answer: I want EVERYTHING. Sign me up for your highest level, VIP package. Any service you have that I’m not taking advantage of – give me all of that. 

Surprised and delighted, she took care of my request. 

And that, my friends, is the power of obsession. 

When you’re really “into” something, you do not mind being sold. 

In fact, you’ll get annoyed if the company doesn’t let you know about everything they have to offer… because you want it ALL. 

Lots of people come to me, scared of selling. They’ve got packages, programs, workshops, products, lots of beautiful, powerful, helpful things to offer. 

But they tuck them away, too afraid to let their clients know that “hey, I’ve got this cool thing, would you like it?”

Don’t let this be you. 

When people are “into you” – what you’re doing, how you’re serving, and what you have to offer – they want every last bit of it. 

By not letting them know everything you have to offer, you’re actually doing your dream clients a disservice. 

What do you need to do to get the sales that you want?

Let people know what you have to sell. 

It sounds so simple, unbelievably simple, but there it is. 


You got this. 

xoxo, Susan


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