If your goal was a movie trailer.

Oh hayy, 

You know that spine-tingling feeling you get when you watch a movie trailer? 

Wouldn’t you love to have that same feeling when it comes to your goals? Yes. Please. 

Here’s how to do it: 

Take a goal that you haven’t accomplished yet. For example, you want to land some paid speaking gigs. 

Then I want you to envision what the movie trailer version of that would look like. 

Epic music pounds in the background as the lights slowly rise. A lone spotlight shines. 

You walk onto the stage in slow-motion. A fan blows your hair like Beyonce. The crowd screams and chants your name. 

The camera pans to reveal your face – the opening of your speech fills the room. The audience dabs tears and claps wildly. 

Visioning the “movie trailer” for your goals and looping that in your mind is an excellent way to get fired up and motivated to make it a reality. 

When you visualize something in detail—as if it’s already happened—your brain spins it into a memory. It feels “real” – you can see it, touch it, taste it, smell it. Your goal becomes a sensory experience, which makes it easier to achieve. 

If you’ve got a goal you want to accomplish this year, create that movie trailer moment in your mind. 

Dream big. Make it as delicious as any blockbuster trailer you see on screen. 

p.s. Want extra credit? Pick a song that you’d play in your trailer and play it every morning. A great reminder to keep striving for that goal! 

xoxo, Susan


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