If I’m so smart, why can’t I lose weight?

It’s a really good question.
It’s also the title of a book that changed my life — written by a woman named Brooke who went on to become my personal weight loss coach, then friend, and later, my business collaborator.
So many women wrestle with this question.
I hear the pain, the frustration, all the time.
Im a smart woman. Ive got a college degree. Heck, I run my own damn company! I probably know more about proper nutrition that most doctors do. And yet Im stuck in this body that doesn't feel like home. Why?
The “why” is actually very simple.
Overeating is an emotional issue, not an intellectual one.
Which means that in order to stop, you’ve got to do emotional work.
To do that emotional work, it’s likely that you’re going to need a whole new set of tools.
The kinds of tools that Brooke and I teach, inside The Weight School.
The kinds of tools that you can get a taste of, during our {free} Weight School webinar on Thursday, July 24th.
If you’re so knowledgeable about weight loss that you practically deserve an honorary doctorate degree in nutrition & physiology from Stanford University — but you still can’t lose weight — this webinar is for you.
It’s just a few days away, so circle the date on your calendar + RSVP now: http://theweightschool.com/
You don’t have to do anything to “prepare” for the webinar.
Just bring your smart, beautiful self, and your feelings, too.
And we’ll see you very soon. 🙂

xoxo, Susan


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