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Happy Wednesday People!

I am excited to be home from all of my travels this year to focus on some free and low cost offers for my community (YOU)!

Keep your eyes open for amazing opportunities coming your way in October and November.

But first, I’d love your vote!

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My latest podcast really struck a chord with many of you. “Don’t hustle so hard that you forget to have a life.” I work with so many ambitious people, and “getting an actual life” is something that comes up again and again. This inspires me to revamp my “Life is Delicious” program as an option.

Food and body issues remain a constant issue for most women. And lately, my mailbag is filled with questions concerning how to talk to our daughters about these issues. “I don’t want to pass this body drama down to my daughter! How do I talk to her about it?”

My BARE book will be released soon, and BARE DAILY will be open for enrollment again on November 1. But, I’d love to offer an additional class specifically about how to have these meaningful food and body conversations with young girls and women.

Finish 2017 strong. Every year, I have offered a call on finishing strong. This is always a favorite. I’d like to enhance this and make it a full class. Are you interested?

I’ll take all of your feedback into consideration and deliver an amazing menu of options for us!

Thank you for being part of my world. It’s a honor to do this work and share it with all of you.

xoxo, Susan


New Retreat: MOROCCO!

This November, I’m whisking 9 people off to Marrakech, Morocco—one of the most vibrant, mythical, and surreal places in the entire world. Join this lavish retreat and leave with beautiful memories, deep friendships, a renewed spirit, and a life bursting with joy & adventure.
Listen to the CALL HER DADDY podcast featuring Susan Hyatt:
Susan breaks down the prevalence of diet culture in today's society and why it is so toxic. She provides tangible lifestyle changes that can lead to healthier and more fulfilled lives.

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