I was escorted off the plane

January 11th. Headlines ripped across the nation:

All US domestic flights grounded as key FAA system goes down.

Guess who was already in the air on a flight at that exact time? 

Ya girl… Susan Hyatt. 

I was on my way to Savannah to host my Beyond Mastermind members for a fabulous weekend of joy, connection, and magic. 

There was so much uncertainty. Our pilot emergency landed us in Chattanooga. When would the plane take off? Would this create a ripple effect—a frenzy of canceled flights? Would I ever make it to Savannah?

I had a layover in Atlanta and predicted the situation would be much worse when I got there. (If you’ve ever been to that airport, you know what I mean!)

My gut was screaming for me to get off the plane in Chattanooga, book a rental car, and make the 5 hour drive to Savannah instead. 

But I kept waffling and waiting until my own advice floated into my brain: 

To be successful, you have to be decisive. You have to make decisions quickly and get on with it! Nothing is going to keep me from my people.

Within moments of touching down in Chattanooga, I was on my iphone rental car app and booked a car. Then came time to tell the flight staff I wanted off that plane. 

“Are you sure?” they asked, narrowing their eyes at me as if I was about to make a grave mistake. 

“Yes,” I said, decisively. 

Some guy in the first row said, “You’re my HERO” as I got off the plane. LOL

I trudged down the tarmac and into the airport, the rental car station up ahead. Before I could pass, a cop triple my size stepped in front of me. 

“Where you going, little lady?” he asked in a thick southern drawl, positioning his body to block the path. 

I explained the situation to him and stood firm, “why are you asking me this?”

He gradually softened, explaining that because the system was down and they didn’t have a flight manifesto, there was no way for me to get back on that plane, should I change my mind.

I confirmed to him that I was fine with that, but he continued to bring up other potential issues. And then he started playing a long game of “devil’s advocate.”

“What if the rental car company decides to increase the rate on you?” 

“Once I let you through, you can’t come back in.”

“If it were me, I’d stay on that tarmac.” 

“Are you SURE you want to do this?”

As the minutes passed, his questions started sinking into my mind. Was I making a mistake? Is this decision going to take me farther away from my mastermind?

But I knew, deep down, that getting off that plane was the right decision. My gut never betrays me. 

So I finally got Mr. Devil’s Advocate to move out of the way, and you know what happened?

The rental car company didn’t raise the rate on me, they upgraded the vehicle… at no additional charge. 

I had a beautiful, relaxing drive where I listened to podcasts and dreamed up some exciting new ideas that felt like a full-bodied YES. 

And most of all, I was in the driver’s seat. There was no more “leaving it up to chance” … or in this case, leaving it up to air travel. I would make it to my event even earlier than expected!

I was not meant to sit on the tarmac. 

And neither are you.

Where in your life are you “sitting on the tarmac?” 

What decisions do you need to make to get you closer to the life you want?

Trust your heart. Trust your gut. Get off that tarmac. 

What matters is simply that you decide.

xoxo, Susan


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