I Love The Pioneer Woman and Setting Goals for 2016


Y’all know I’m a huge fan of setting goals, right?

As we’re stepping into the new year, it’s one of my favorite times to get clear on my intentions and make them happen.

So I was thrilled when Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, asked to interview me and share some creative ways to think about your goals in 2016.

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From Ree’s post:

Sometimes writing a list of New Year’s resolutions can feel a little bit like something you have to do or should do as opposed to something you want to do. We chatted with master life coach and author, Susan Hyatt, about some creative ways to think about your goals in the coming year. With these tips, it might actually be a little easier to achieve them!

“New Year’s resolutions are a hot topic, but you don’t have to wait until the new year to make a change,” says Susan. “However, this is that time of year where you start thinking ‘how do I want my next year to be different?’ But you can’t treat resolutions like a wish; you have to be willing to put in the effort to keep inching towards what you want.”

Here are some tools that can help you make progress in achieving your goals!

1. Do a precap.

You might be asking yourself what the heck a precap is. But think of it like a recap, but before an event happens. “Talk about a goal, event, or something you’re nervous about with friends like it’s already happened and it went amazing well,” says Susan. “You want to talk about the best possible scenario, so don’t be afraid to really embellish the details. It’s fun—you’ll laugh about it with your friends while also setting an intention for what you want to happen, do, or create. You’ll associate good feelings with the upcoming event and there is more accountability because your friends will ask about how it’s going.”
Click here to keep reading the rest of the interview and then watch my latest scope below on how to “precap” your year!

Happy 2016, peeps!

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xoxo, Susan


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