Husbands and dads? We love you. 10 reasons to adore the awesome men in your life.

“It is much easier to become a father than to be one.”  —Kent Nerburn
Husbands & dads?
You get a bad rap.
On TV, you’re the guy flopped on the couch with a beer, shrugging your shoulders, munching on chicken wings, while the women in your life make all the plans.
But that’s fiction. That’s not you.
I’d like to speak on behalf of the women and daughters of the world, and say:
Thank you.

Thank you for …
: Running out to the store to buy pads for your teenage daughter who just got her period for the first time, and acting like it is totally cool and zero problem, whatsoever. (Even if you’re freaking out, inside.)
: Treating women with respect — which sometimes means opening the car door, and sometimes means letting her fix the leaky faucet (because … let’s face it, she’s better.)
: Trying really, really hard to make the bed the “right” way … even though you still don’t really get what decorative throw pillows are “about.” (And even though she always re-makes it, anyway.)
: Doing everything in your power to learn how orgasms work, and how to give them to your partner. On the regular.
: Having the balls to cry — openly, awkwardly, in front of the people you love.
: Grilling your daughter’s first boyfriend (or girlfriend) like a flame-broiled steak, because not even the lovechild of Mister Rogers and Mother Teresa would be good enough for her.
: Looking bewildered when the women in your life say things like, “I feel fat today,” and then responding, “… but you’re so beautiful.”
: Refusing to tolerate violence and abuse against women, in any form — including those little moments where your buddies call women “bitches,” and you say, “dude, cut it out.”
: Grabbing a stiff metal object and whispering, “Stay right here” when it sounds like someone might be breaking into the house … even though you know perfectly well that your wife could kick the guy’s ass, if she wanted to.
: Loving women — romantically, platonically, and every-which-way-in-between-ically. And being strong enough to break down your walls and accept their love in return.
Dads? We freaking love you.
(Oh, and …we’re out of tampons. Again. Could you … ? Thank you.)


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xoxo, Susan


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