How to rock your 4th quarter and finish 2017 feeling stronger than ever— with extra cash in the bank.

Happy LOVE Wednesday, peeps!

It’s already October. It’s hard to believe, but 2017 will be over in less than 90 days.

If you run a business, coaching, consulting, or freelance practice, you might be thinking, “OMG. The year is almost over. How did that happen?!”

You might feel stressed about money.

You might feel disappointed about projects that didn’t go exactly as planned.

You might feel distracted and overwhelmed, struggling to find the motivation that you had back in January.

You want to finish 2017 feeling victorious—with extra money in the bank—but how?

Here’s your next move: come along to this free class, get fired up, get your mojo back, and leave with a plan to finish strong.

In this class, I will cover:

– How to pick ONE goal for the final quarter and focus your attention where it counts.

– What to STOP doing that’s messing with your energy levels and motivation.

– How to let go of any lingering discouragement or disappointment that you feel about 2017, and move on with a clear mind and heart… so you can SLAY the last few weeks and finish strong.

– And let’s not forget… PRIZES! I’ll be giving away fun prizes like chocolate, fancy tea and honey, Beyoncé swag, inspiring books, and event tickets and classes that are worth hundreds of dollars. But you’ve got to show up for the class and stay until the very end.

2017 is not over yet. There’s still plenty of time to achieve a big goal, line up new clients, dial up your confidence, and make miracles happen.

Let’s not waste a single moment. See you in the class!

xoxo, Susan


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