How I overcame my hate for exercise.


Happy Sweaty Thursday people!

It’s week THREE of nursing my hamstring and sciatic issue and guess what?

I am crediting yoga with healing my sciatic issue after just 5 classes, and my hamstring is probably 70% better. I’m still trying new and different ways to move my body to be SUPER loving to my god pod and let the healing do it’s thang.
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Many of my clients experience frustration with exercise.

Some have injuries that prevent them from moving the way that they want, and others have a total resistance to exercise in any form.

I certainly WAS the professional couch potato years ago and claimed to despise exercise. Like, I loathed it entirely.

I created this little exercise worksheet years ago to help clients like myself try new and different forms of exercise and have more fun with it. With this injury of mine, I find myself doing things I would have never considered before.

As it turns out, I am now addicted and in love with yoga.  An injury or a perceived “set back” is just life’s way of helping us find our way. I’m not frustrated about it anymore. I’m just going with the flow.

In this super short video, I’m back again with “Mean Green” Eli from Bob’s Gym, and he’s helping me do a few moves that will not impede healing.

TRX Y Raise

TRX suspension training is really interesting. It develops total body strength, improves balance and is used by elite athletes. Eli has had me increase our time using TRX.  I’m actually really awkward with this one in the video. But man, my shoulders are feeling it as I even type this!

One Legged Bridge

Oh mahhhhh glutes! I have missed doing any lower body work, and this is a super simple yet very effective way to show your booty some attention.

SWEAT CHALLENGE: Print off the worksheet and commit to try one new way to get your sweat on this week! I’d love to hear about it over on Facebook or Instagram. By the way, another new to me thing that I am loving is INSTAGRAM. If you are in there, let’s hook up!

xoxo, Susan


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