How do you achieve more money, success and joy in your career?



Let’s say you want a new job. Something exciting, creatively stimulating, at a terrific company with a mission statement that lights your heart on fire.

Goal: New job.

Half effort: You update your resume and email it to the company along with a cover letter.

Best effort: You update your resume and email it to the company along with a cover letter. You also update your LinkedIn profile, Facebook account, and all of your other social media hangouts. You contact 21 different people that you know to share your goal (“new job!”) and see if anybody can put in a good word, connect you to someone inside the company, or help out in some way. Turns out, someone knows someone who knows someone who’s a senior manager at your dream company. Bingo! You get their contact info, make a phone call, and invite that manager out for coffee. You come to that coffee date prepared to pitch yourself on the spot—you’ve even prepared a packet filled with ideas on how you could help make the company stronger. You’re nervous, of course, but you’re also very prepared. You make your presentation and WOW them. You leave the coffee date with a firm handshake. You follow up with a handwritten “thank you” note.

Guess who is getting the job?

Guess who is going to be offered a stellar salary with benefits, extra paid vacation, and all the trimmings?

Ms. Half Effort?

Or Ms. Best Effort?

The answer… is pretty obvious.

The question is… who are you going to be?


Recently I had the pleasure of joining Jessica J. Williams, career and leadership coach for women, on The Superwoman Chronicles: How to achieve more money, success and joy in your career.

On the show, I shared my career story and the journey I took to get where I am today.Susan Hyatt

I also shared some of my best advice on making career decisions and being your own boss.

If you’ve ever struggled to negotiate your worth in a job interview or promotion, or perhaps you don’t know how to take that next career step, I hope you’ll check out these interviews.

The Superwoman Chronicles will showcase over 21 women (including myself) who are leaders in their fields to inspire you to go bigger in your life’s work.

What if there was a way to elevate your value in the marketplace and earn more money in your career? What if there is an opportunity you’re missing, because you’re not open to possibilities?

Well, now is your chance to learn from some amazing women and be inspired by their story to play bigger and get more out of your career. Sign up here for The Superwoman Chronicles.

Here’s my invitation for you: choose 1 career, business, or income goal that really matters to you + choose to give that goal your BEST EFFORT for 6 weeks in a row. Watch what happens.

It’s all going down inside my newest coaching program: GO GET IT!

Read the program info + get enrolled HERE.

GO GET IT! starts on April 4th. It’s a relatively small investment—compared to most of my other coaching programs—but the work is big and the payoff is huge.

Can’t wait to see you inside. ‘Cause I know that deep down, beneath the resistance and insecurities that sometimes trickle up, you are a Best Effort kind of woman.

Let’s make shit happen.

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xoxo, Susan


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