How can a woman become “unstoppable”?

What does it mean to be an unstoppable woman?

It means nothing will stop you from creating the life that you want. 

Nothing will stop you from creating your dream career. 

Nothing will stop you from earning more money. Lots of money. More than your father and grandfather combined. Thousands or millions or billions. As much as you want. 

Nothing will stop you from taking the beautiful ideas in your mind and bringing them into reality—building your legacy.

Mean Internet trolls won’t stop you. 

Disrespectful comments won’t stop you. 

Rejection and disappointment (50 clients who decline your offer; 25 publishers who are not interested in your book idea; a product launch that goes terribly) won’t stop you.

Logistical challenges (limited time, energy, and money; demands at home, drama with the kids, pets, etc.) definitely won’t stop you. An unstoppable woman will always find a way to move forward—while others find plenty of excuses. 

The bullies who lurk inside your mind won’t stop you, either.

How can you become an unstoppable woman?

Here’s a Code of Conduct to help you shift from stoppable to unstoppable. Adopt these practices, do these things consistently, and your mindset and life will change. 



– Code of Conduct –

– For Entrepreneurs, CEOS, and All Women with Big, Exciting Work To Do –

To be an Unstoppable Woman, you must:


You are the leader, the heart, the spirit, the brain-power, the engine, and (most likely) the public face of your business. 

If you’re exhausted, nothing works. If you’re thriving, your business thrives too.

Take your self-care seriously. Deep sleep. Hydration. Food that energizes you. Physical movement. Meditation. Time in nature. 

Remember that “having a life outside of work” counts as self-care, too. Tea with grandma. Seeing a silly movie with the kids. Wandering through a bookstore. Taking a pottery class just ‘cause it sounds fun. Live music. An unplugged beach day. Anything that boosts your mood and energy levels = Self-care. 

Anytime you do something to fuel yourself, you’re making a direct investment right into your business, too.


Just like you (hopefully) floss your teeth daily, you also need to floss your brain daily. 

“Mental flossing” means searching for the icky residue inside your brain—negative thoughts lurking around, thoughts that are self-critical, self-pitying, discouraging, defeatist, limiting, stuck—and doing something to clear these away. 

In the field of life coaching, we call this “thought work.” Literally, “working on your thoughts.” Identifying thoughts that are not helpful, and then replacing these with thoughts that make you feel unstoppable. 

“I could never do that” > could be replaced with > “It might be possible for me to do that” > and then eventually > “I can totally do that!”


This means setting consistent business hours and keeping them—even if you typically work from home in your yoga pants. Consistent work hours, just like a restaurant, bank, or any other business.

This means charging actual money for your services—no freebies, trading, bartering, or special exceptions. Real money.  

This means being organized with your paperwork, being attentive with your finances, and paying your quarterly estimated taxes. 

And this means having clearly-stated policies for scheduling, cancellations, late payments, etc. to keep things running smoothly—and, depending on the nature of your business, having contracts, confidentiality agreements, and legal disclaimers to protect yourself from unnecessary drama. 


Many people say, “Don’t bring emotions into business.” But emotions—not logic—are what propel human beings to take action. So, get emotional about your work.

What goals are you working on right now—and why do these goals really matter to you? Why did you start your business in the first place? What’s it all for? What’s the reason? Why should you keep going? 

Is it so you can be a powerful role model for your daughter? So you can save up and buy a house for your mom? So you can serve thousands of clients and change—or even save—thousands of lives? So you can prove to the bullies inside your mind that they’re wrong, that you’re so much stronger than anyone thinks?

If you don’t have a strong emotional connection to your business/goals, then you’re going to fizzle out and quit when things get tough. 

Find a reason to keep going. A reason that makes you feel something. Maybe even a reason that makes you cry.

. . .

Every woman can be unstoppable. Regardless of anything that has happened in the past. Regardless of how many times you’ve been stopped, stalled, or stuck before. 

If you felt unstoppable, how would that change your day? Your business? Your life?

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PPS. There’s an unstoppable force inside of you. Always. Even if she’s been dormant for a long time—beneath all the muck and yuck and stuckness and sludge? She’s still there. 

xoxo, Susan


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