Hot date energy.


You know that feeling when…

It’s Friday morning. You’re looking forward to a fun weekend getaway. Your flight departs at 5 p.m., so you’re hustling to get everything done before it’s time to head to the airport.

The clock’s counting down. You’re flooded with giddy energy. Emails, invoices, phone calls, laundry, dishes, packing—done. Your hair’s in a straight-down-to-business topknot. You are slaying your to-do list. It’s literally the most productive day of your entire week.

Isn’t it funny how when you’re anticipating something exciting—like a flight, vacation, or hot date—you become incredibly motivated and productive.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this! 😉

I want you to take that “flight departing at 5” energy—or “hot date coming over at 8” energy—and apply it to your business.

Pretend Jason Momoa is swinging by at 8 p.m. sharp to pick you up and whisk you away for a dreamy vacation in Hawaii. How many big, exciting business moves could you make today, in the next few hours, before that flight departs? If you clear distractions, and dial up your focus and intensity, what’s possible for you?

Run your business like a very hot date is swinging by to pick you up…soon.

Get in there. Make big moves. Make each hour count. Efficient, focused work—not fluffy busywork. Money-generating activities, only.

It’s incredible how much you can accomplish—and how much money you can generate—when you run your business with #HotDateEnergy.





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xoxo, Susan


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