Hold Onto Your Awe

Bags packed for NYC. Alarm set. Jammies on. Ready to slip into bed before an early-morning flight the next day.

Just before bedtime, I had that gnawing, uneasy, I-think-I’m-forgetting-something feeling.

Turns out, I was right.

I checked my phone and saw an email from my assistant.

“Hey Susan. I know you’re leaving town tomorrow, but…did you remember to sign 100 copies of Bare so I can mail them out to your Summer of Yes clients, like we promised?”

Crap-balls. I had totally forgotten about those dang books.

I’m not exactly proud of what happened next.

Did I joyfully dash down to the basement to retrieve the big box of books? Nope.

Did I begin jubilantly autographing each book with gratitude emanating from my heart chakra in a pure beam of light? Also nope.

Instead, I privately threw a little tantrum in my bedroom. My thoughts sounded like: I’ve worked so hard all week long! And now this? Ugh, it’s so late! I need to sleep. I have an early flight. 100 books? I have to sign all of them?? Tonight???! This is going to take fooooorever. Whyyyyy? I’m just so tired. I just want to sleep.


After whining to myself for a few minutes, I realized that I needed a major attitude adjustment. I did some self-coaching and came up with some new thoughts to replace the glum, self-pitying thoughts I’d been having.

New thoughts:

I’m so proud to be an author. I remember fifteen years ago when writing a book seemed like an improbable, faraway goal. And now this is my real life.

I’m so grateful to have 100 people who want copies of my book. People! Who! Want! To! Read! My! Book! Whaaaaaat? For real? Unreal. I don’t “have” to sign 100 books. I “get” to sign 100 books.

What an incredible privilege. What an amazing life. What a delightful problem to have!

I got my mind back on track, sat my ass down, and signed those 100 books—with genuine joy.

Whether it’s finding 10 more clients, signing 100 books, crafting a marketing campaign, learning how to use a tricky new piece of computer software, or anything else you want to accomplish, remember that it’s not really a “problem.” It’s a challenge. It’s a blessing. It’s an opportunity that you (the version of you from five, ten, or fifteen years ago) would probably rejoice to have.

Even life’s unpleasant moments—like hiring a repair company to clean mold from your home, or getting a prescription for a urinary tract infection—can be viewed as a privilege. (Millions of people don’t even have homes, let alone homes that need repairs. Millions don’t have access to antibiotics. You do.)

Never lose sight of this.

Never lose your gratitude, wonder, and awe.

Subtract your cynicism. Adjust your attitude. Sign those books with a smile.

It’s not a problem. It’s a privilege.

Hold onto your awe.





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xoxo, Susan


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