hard things.

Everybody wants the fun parts about being a business owner and CEO.

Like choosing your own pricing and schedule. Doing projects that light up your heart. Getting emails (“Thank you so much!”) from jubilant customers. Making all dat money.

But nobody wants to deal with the not-fun parts.

Like having to fire someone on your team. Finding out a client (someone you really trusted) has been plagiarizing your work. Pouring your heart into a project and then it doesn’t generate the revenue that you hoped for—and yes, this does happen even with very established businesses. Not every launch is an immediate slam dunk.

Today…this email right here?

This a love letter to all the people out there in the trenches, making the hard decisions, and dealing with all the painful sh*t.

This email is for you…

If you just had to fire two people in the same day.

If you just got your first 1-star Amazon review and it’s a scorcher.

If you just had to block someone from your Facebook community.

If you just had your worst financial quarter ever (or your best ever—because making a lot more money brings its own set of challenges and hard decisions, too).

If you just realized that you need to quit your day job and it’s terrifying to let that go.

If you just realized you have been working for ten years to build a business that’s not even really your dream—you were adhering to someone else’s expectations and trying to be a “good girl” and be obedient and comply.

If you are dealing with anything that is messy and heartbreaking and complicated.

This email is for you.

I am sending TONS of love and strength to you.


Feel it beaming through the screen.

Know that you are not alone.

And know that if you’re dealing with hard stuff? That means you’re putting your whole heart into your business and taking yourself to your growth edge, to your highest potential—instead of just coasting along in the safe, familiar zone.

Everything you crave…is on the other side of this hard moment, this painful decision that you need to make.

Yes, you can do hard things.

Yes, you have done it before.

And yes, you can do it today.

PS. Want to be part of a community of women who are running businesses…who understand the highs and lows of entrepreneurship…and who will make you feel uplifted and less alone? Join this group. It’s free. We’ve got you, boo-berry.

xoxo, Susan


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