Grow older, glow bolder

If you’re buying into the idea that you are “too old” or that it’s “too late” to live out your goals and create the life you want – this email is for you. 

First of all, let’s chuck that antique mindset right out the damn window. 

Second, who’s been filling your head with such nonsense? Send them my way. I’d like to have a chat.

On that note, let’s unpack something I’ve noticed lately.

When doing my research, pulling up essays and articles on aging, it’s hard not to notice that a good chunk of them lean on the negative side. 

There are so many articles about the fear of “letting oneself go,” grappling with “saggy skin,” women fading into the background, or the gross idea that we are “no longer f*ckable.” 

These are real, raw emotions. I get it. I can empathize, having had many heart-to-heart conversations with clients echoing the same concerns. 

But here’s what I want to shift. I want to hear more “hot takes” from women who are rewriting the script. The ones who are shattering stereotypes, living audaciously, and demonstrating that we don’t wilt away with age—that things get richer.

Honestly, if I hear one more time that “Well, now that I’m <insert your age>, things are just going downhill…” – I might just roll my eyes off a cliff. 

The only thing going downhill should be you, on a ski slope, living your best life.

In my corner of the world, my clients are having the time of their lives in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.

Scroll through my social media, come to one of my events, or tune into my podcast. 

You’ll find a space where age isn’t a countdown, but a count-up of epic experiences and unfiltered joy. 

Maybe you’ve got 20, 30, 40, heck, even 50 years left. What’s the game plan? 

Are you going to spend that time sulking, or are you going to turn every year into a Barbie-level disco party? 

On a personal note, I recently turned 50. But rather than seeing it as a countdown, I view it as a fresh chapter. I’m setting new goals, some of which surprise even me, like heavy weightlifting. And my mind? It’s flowing with ideas for new books, retreats, and more unforgettable experiences. I’m just getting started. 

Look, no one’s saying age doesn’t bring a few bumps along the ride. 

But age also comes wisdom, boldness, and an all-access, VIP pass for anyone with the guts to grab everything they want.

You did not get to this age just to believe the party’s over and everything’s a drag.

So what are you going to do? Sit around and be mad and miserable?

Or…will you become your ancestor’s wildest dream?

xoxo, Susan


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