Do you feel like a copycat?

Do you ever feel like…

“I’m not very original.”

“I’m not really bringing anything ‘new’ to my industry.”

“Everything I’ve ever wanted to do, somebody else has already done it.”

“I don’t really have a fresh or revolutionary message to share. I’m kinda just saying the same stuff as everybody else.”

…Do those sound like the thoughts in your head?

This one’s for you.

Y’all know that I’m obsessed with my Peloton bike.

For those who don’t know—Peloton is a fitness brand that makes stationery bikes, treadmills, and incredible workout videos so you can sweat along from home. They have over 30 different instructs who lead workouts—and each instructor brings their own flavor to the party.

Robin is fierce as hell and will push you to the max.

Cody is hilarious and always gets you cracking up while you’re pedaling.

Ally might seem demure and soft spoken at first, but watch out when she gets those country jams going!

At least once during every single Peloton ride, the instructor will remind you about the correct posture that you need to adopt for safety and best results.

Every single instructor gives the exact same cue:

“Slide your butt to the back of the bike seat.”

But every instructor has a slightly different way of delivering this cue.

One says:

“Scoot back to the widest part of the saddle.”

Another says:

“Glide back an inch or two until your spine feels nice and long.”

And another says:

 “You should have a grabbable amount of ass hanging off the back of your seat.”

Isn’t it fascinating how 30 people can deliver the exact same message—in 30 slightly different ways? Same message. Different wording. Different tone. Different feeling.

And depending on who you are—your body type, personality, or how you’re feeling that day on the bike—you’re going to resonate with certain instructors more than others.

Maybe when you hear “glide back” that doesn’t quite work for you, but when you hear “grabbable amount of ass” something clicks, and you’re like, “Ohhhh! Got it. Makes sense now!”

This is something every entrepreneur and coach needs to remember.

You might be delivering a service that one million other people are delivering, too.

You might be sharing a timeless message that’s been shared one million times before.

But you’re gonna do it with your communication style, with your special flair, with your background, stories, and spirit.

Certain clients and customers will flock to you because of that somethin’ special that you bring.

There’s room in the world for Robin and Cody and Ally and dozens of other Peloton teachers, too.

There’s room in the coaching industry for me and for thousands of other coaches, too.

There’s room for you.

And someone out there needs that special twist that only you bring.

PS. I literally can’t stop saying “grabbable amount of ass” and then cracking up. LOL. The BEST.

xoxo, Susan


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