Get your BARE on.


Open enrollment for the BARE Daily membership community is almost over!

In fact, today was supposed to be the last day, but (due to some rescheduling that had to happen) we’ve decided to EXTEND it for one more week!

BONUS… any BARE Daily member gets a FREE ticket to an event on February 3rd called BARE VIP Day!!

There will be live workshops with BARE certified coaches. High tea. Gifts. And a workout in the park!
This is all happening in Savannah, GA and it’s going to be EPIC.

And if you’re not quite ready for a membership, but you’re still wanting to follow along with the BARE method,

I just dropped a full season (8 episodes) of the new BARE Podcast!! You can follow along the 7 step BARE process with me, send in questions to be answered & celebrate STRONG women who are out there every day making a difference. Here’s a short video I made about the podcast!

Whatever flavor of BARE feels right for you, I ENCOURAGE you to check it out.

Ditch the diets that we all know DON’T work. Start the process of healing from the inside out.

Clean up your Environment.

Add PLEASURE into your day.

Learn to eat with attentiveness.

Learn to exercise with LOVE (not like some punishment).

Declutter your closet.

Detox your mind.

Show up and be seen.

LOVE your body RIGHT NOW and join the BARE MOVEMENT.







PS. For that podcast you can:

Click here to find each episode on the blog.

Click here to find me on iTunes. 

Click here to find me on Google Play. 

Click here to find me on Stitcher. 

Or you can search any of those for – The BARE Podcast! 

xoxo, Susan


New Retreat: MOROCCO!

This November, I’m whisking 9 people off to Marrakech, Morocco—one of the most vibrant, mythical, and surreal places in the entire world. Join this lavish retreat and leave with beautiful memories, deep friendships, a renewed spirit, and a life bursting with joy & adventure.
Listen to the CALL HER DADDY podcast featuring Susan Hyatt:
Susan breaks down the prevalence of diet culture in today's society and why it is so toxic. She provides tangible lifestyle changes that can lead to healthier and more fulfilled lives.

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