Why weirdness is what you need.

Oh hayyy, 

Do you ever feel like people don’t “get you?” That you should tone it down, strip it back, or quiet your voice just to fit in?

Tons of clients come to me, struggling to show their real, authentic selves to the world.  

Their throat clams up when they want to voice an opinion because they might be labeled “too confrontational,” “angry,” or a “b*tch.”

They throw on a drab, neutral-toned outfit – not because they dig cozy earth tones, but because they don’t want to risk the judgment of wild colors or bold prints. 

I encourage everyone who steps into my world to ruffle feathers, make a scene, speak up, and break free. 

Once, a client said to me: “I guess I just have to be that weird woman. The one who snatches attention when she walks into the room. The one people can’t stop talking about.” 

I practically leaped out of my chair with an emphatic “YES!” 

We should all aspire to be the weird woman – because “weird” means ORIGINAL. And originality is inspiring. It creates change. It sparks joy. 

Be the one who shows up at brunch in a fancy-ass colorful dress… who boldly speaks up… who proudly wears the bikini because EVERY body belongs on the beach… who gives zero f*cks about other people’s opinions…

Ladies – it’s time to GET WEIRD.

xoxo, Susan


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