Full circle.

Last Friday, I ran errands for my “Girlfriends Gone Nasty” dinner around DC. Suddenly it dawned on me….

I walked these streets.

When I was 20 and 21 years old. I walked these streets.

These were the streets I walked as a rape survivor in trauma.

These were the streets I walked carrying my rapist’s baby.

These were the streets I walked praying to a God that I thought was punishing me for not being a good person.

These were the streets I walked just trying to hold it together. A newlywed. A recent college graduate. My first “real” job. Raped on a Friday…first day of work on a Monday.

And here I was 23 years later. I hadn’t visited DC since I left. And here I was.

I walked those streets a rape survivor healed.

I walked those streets carrying a sign that said, “Power to the Pussy.” 

I walked those street jubilant knowing that God isn’t in the sky judging me but is within me and walking with me.

I hosted a dinner for 35 women based on personal revolution.

And we walk together.

xoxo, Susan


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