Forget FOMO. Here’s the Real Issue

Oh hayyy y’all,

Activism isn’t supposed to be comfortable. Speaking out about injustices shouldn’t feel cozy or easy. 

Y’all know I love making a scene. I believe it’s better to do something to help, even if that means risking doing it imperfectly. 

Imperfect is always better than silence. 

If you’re here in my community, I know you want to stretch outside your comfort zone and share your opinions on important issues.

And if you’re not as vocal as you want to be, you’re likely suffering from a case of FOMU.

Unlike FOMO (the fear of missing out), FOMU is the FEAR OF MESSING UP.

What if you say the wrong thing?

What if you offend someone?

What if you get canceled?

These are valid concerns… AND they’re not an excuse to sit back, stay silent, do nothing.

If you say the wrong thing, admit the mistake, apologize, and do better next time.

If you’re worried about offending someone or getting “canceled” – learn more about privilege. (If you’re interested specifically in learning more about white privilege, you can listen to this incredible episode of my podcast, Rich Coach Club, with my social media manager Erin Brown as a start.)

Don’t let the fear of messing up hold you back.

Even if it’s messy, the world desperately needs you to stand up and make a scene.


xoxo, Susan


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