Figure out your plan for 2017. {free webinar}


Hi Glorious Peeps…

Did you wake up this morning thinking, “Holy @*%#! It’s already November 23rd? Whaaat??”11356628_736326336492875_769289153_n

Maybe you haven’t really figured out your business plan for next year. (Gulp.)

Maybe you haven’t set a specific income/revenue goal yet, or maybe you’re feeling fuzzy about where to focus your time and energy.

Or maybe—ever since the election—you’re feeling agitated and uneasy. Maybe you made plans for 2017—but now, those plans don’t feel quite as relevant or meaningful anymore. Maybe you need a fresh plan.

That’s definitely how I’m feeling this week—and I know I’m not alone!

And that’s why on December 6th, I’m doing one of my FREE webinars to help all of us get our shizz together. It’s going to be a GREAT class and I hope you’ll be there!

Webinar topic:

Finish 2016 strong and get your 2017 plans in place.


Things I’ll cover:

– My personal strategy for setting big, badass goals—and avoiding overwhelm.

– 3 tweaks you can make right now to finish 2016 on a strong, empowered note.

– Self-care and world-care—how to keep yourself energized and healthy, even when you’re busy taking care of kids, colleagues, customers, clients, and ya know, trying to save the world.


December 6th, 2016.


11:15am Pacific / 2:15pm Eastern.


1 hour of power.

Click HERE to register for the webinar… and yes, as always, I will send out a recording afterward. But try to make it to the live class if you can, because the live experience is always more powerful.

Now, more than ever, the world needs us to be action-oriented, ambitious, and focused.

See you on December 6th!


P.S. You saw what the cast of HAMILTON did recently, right? What a powerful example of using your voice to express your concerns and create change in our world. Whether you’re a singer or a blogger or a life coach or an online business owner, we all need to speak courageously and raise our voices… even more than ever. #HamFanForever

PPS. Want to share this webinar info with your best friend, your mom, or business partner? All are welcome. The more, the merrier. Here’s the link to the registration page: https://susanhyatt.co/web/wrap2016  

xoxo, Susan


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