feel better NOW

Are you having one of those weeks (or months, or years, or multi-year pandemics) where life just feels really heavy and hard?

Your brain feels so tired. Your body feels like crap. You feel so discouraged. Or something just feels “off.”

And you want to feel better…right flipping now?

You don’t want to do a six month program and then feel better…later?

You want instant gratification?

You need an immediate shift?

I’ve got your plan right here.

Here are several things that I guarantee will shift your mood and get you feeling better immediately.

– Take a tech-free wellness day.

Give your entire team the day off, too.

My friend Robert Hartwell runs a successful theater education company and he did this recently. Company-wide wellness day for him and his whole team. No email, no texts, no Zoom meetings, no screens. A day to unplug and recharge. So smart.

Do this. You will return to work feeling so refreshed.

– Read positive messages from clients and colleagues.

All those emails, texts, or hand-written cards you’ve gotten over the years—the nice ones that say “our last session really helped me,” “I am loving this course so much!” “I am so stoked that I hired you,” “This made such a difference for me.”

Read those notes back to yourself. Breathe it in. Let yourself feel the love. Remember the impact you’ve made.

– Move your body.

If you feel like moving? Do it. If you don’t feel like moving? Do it.

It doesn’t have to be a vigorous Crossfit class or Peloton ride. Any movement is better than no movement at all. Take a walk. Lie on the floor and stretch. Do slow and gentle Pilates, the kind where you barely break a sweat. That counts.

Author Erin Stutland (read her book Mantras in Motion) says, “Movement in your body creates movement in your life.” I couldn’t agree more. Move your body and emotional pain will start to melt and move through you, faster.

– Create a miracle for somebody else.

You know what immediately makes me feel powerful, instead of powerless? Creating a miracle for somebody else.

This can be: texting a friend to let them know about an amazing grant or scholarship opportunity. Nominating a client for an award. Sending someone a resource that totally helps them out. Connecting two people who really need to meet and collaborate. Or another miracle. Make someone’s day.

Changing their day changes your day, too.

– Feel AWE.

Even if you love your work and love your life, sometimes, you get stuck in a rut. Too much sitting. Too much typing. Too much staring at quarterly reports.

To shift your energy immediately, go do something that brings you a feeling of AWE. Go whale watching. Go stand in the snow or rain and get soaked. Go watch the sunset. Go watch an animal give birth. Go do something that reminds you how big you are—and how small you are—in this majestic universe. You will feel an immediate shift.

If you do even just one of those things…you will feel like a new woman.

Go take excellent care of yourself this week.

Small actions create a huge shift in how you feel.

PS. Pick something from that list. Go do it. Then click REPLY and share how you feel. Better? Lighter? More hopeful? You’ve got a new bounce in your hair and a spring in your step? Give us an update.

PPS. Want to feel better immediately—and keep feeling your best, consistently, sustainably, all year long? Sign up for Miracle Year. You will be obsessed with how good you feel.

xoxo, Susan


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