Feathers ruffled?

Have you been eyeing an investment or dreaming of a much-needed vacation? Or maybe you’re looking to bulk up your savings or kiss an old pesky debt goodbye. 

In my Big Yes Energy program, I’ve been spilling the tea on how to score that sweet summer cash.

Look, I know you’re out here hustling – writing newsletters, popping into inboxes, posting on social media, dropping podcast episodes, running ads, etc. 

All of that effort in order to invite folks to invest in your magic. 

So let me ask you this: Is your unique magic shining through all that content?

Because I’ve gotta call out something a lot of my clients deal with (and something I’ve dealt with in the past too.)  

If you’re out here pretending to be something you’re not, hiding your personality and parts of yourself, you’re just attracting fans of that façade, not of the fabulous YOU. 

If your goal is to serve more people, attract more clients and make more money, then you’ve got to be yourself – let people know what you’re all about. Don’t just give ’em a taste – serve up the full-course meal of YOU. 

I realize this is a touchy topic for many people – the fear of showing up fully, unapologetically. We live in a world where filters have become the norm. There’s a lot of anxiety around letting our real selves shine because we might not look “professional,” or followers will hit the unfollow button faster than you can say “authenticity.”

Being your genuine self might ruffle some feathers. When you start getting true to you, you’re going to get a medley of reactions. Some people will be here for it, cheering you on, while others might – and brace yourself for this – drop a not-so-sweet comment or two. But remember, everyone’s got an opinion, and not all of them matter.

I won’t sugarcoat it—sometimes, my inbox feels like a battle arena with misogynist critics throwing their two cents. But for every critic, I’ve got plenty of champions, and those are the voices that count.

And it’s not always the outer critics…there’s the sneaky inner critic that creeps up, whispering doubts in your ear. Money (and sex) will always drag out the mind skeletons! When this happens, you’ve gotta send that inner critic on a long, unpaid vacation. 

What I know is this: everything you need is already inside you. It’s all about showing up, full tilt, exactly as you are and precisely how you want. You get to decide because you are in charge.

So, here’s your challenge for the week: 

Every time you write, record, post, or even think about your business, ask yourself: Is this the true, unfiltered, 100% genuine me? 

If the answer isn’t a resounding “HELL YES!”, then it’s time for some introspection. 

And for those who just read all that and thought, “Alright Susan, I’m vibing with this but… help?!” – I’ve got a treat for you. 

This year, at Finish Strong, we’ve whipped up a V-VIP offer that’s hotter than a summer day!

You get to pair up with me and my team, Melissa & Elisabeth, the superstars who bring to life all of my wild, unapologetic content. 

The three of us will be your money-generating cheer squad, ensuring every pixel and word radiates YOU. 

Want in on this? Check out all the details and grab your spot in the VVIP section of the page.

Keep shining, keep being yourself, and most importantly, let’s make this the year of YOU!

xoxo, Susan


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