EXACTLY what you want.

The crazy thing about being human—especially if you happen to be female—is that people are going to judge you and criticize you NO MATTER WHAT YOU CHOOSE.

If you choose to stay married, get therapy, and work things out… people might whisper behind your back, “It’s just so sad. She doesn’t have the courage to leave him.”

If you choose to get divorced and reinvent yourself… people might whisper, “It’s just so sad. Some people don’t have what it takes to sustain a marriage, I guess.”

If you choose to step away from your career and be a stay-at-home parent… people might whisper, “What is this, 1950?! No career? Who does that? So backwards.”

If you choose to keep working… people might whisper, “How awful for the kids. Being raised by a nanny? Not good.”

No matter what you choose to do with your life, career, home, family, body, money… someone is going to have something nasty to say about it.


So if people are gonna gossip and snark no matter what you choose, then you might as well just do EXACTLY what you want.

Please consider this email a friendly reminder to do what is right for YOU. And—as much as you possibly can—please surround yourself with friends, colleagues, coaches, and other cheerleaders who applaud your courage and say “YES WERK OH LAWD YES GET IT GIRL!!!” instead of bringing you down.

You get EXACTLY one life.

So do EXACTLY what you want.





PS. I know somewhere you can surround yourself with friends, colleagues, coaches and other cheerleaders who want to lift you up. The FINISH Strong event I’m putting together in Chicago on October 19th & 20th. Have you gotten your ticket yet? Be there. Get supported. Get some werk DONE. You do not want to miss this!

xoxo, Susan


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