Every day I see my dream.

Have you ever heard the song “YES” by LMFAO? It came out in the summer of 2009 but I just discovered it recently. It’s insanely catchy. I’ve been listening to it constantly.

Fair warning, this is a song for grown-ups and it includes some, ahem, adult language.

In the song, the singer describes his dream as if it has already come true, as if it’s all happening in real life—waking up next to a beautiful woman, having a jacuzzi filled with bubbles, having a private dance club on the top floor of his house, being friends with Oprah, and of course, having a magical fountain that dispenses soda! LOL.

My favorite part is when the singer repeats, over and over: “YES. It’s on and popping. YES. The party’s rocking. YES. And there ain’t no stopping. Every day I see my dream. Every day I see my dream. Every day I see my dream.”

This song has inspired me to commit to my dreams even more fiercely. Wake up and hit the alarm. YES. I see my dream. Lace up my sneakers and go running. YES. I see my dream. Step into my office. YES. I see my dream.

What’s your biggest dream right now?

How could you say YES to your dream every day?

You might dream about transforming your mind and body and feeling stronger than ever. You might dream about waking up and having a view of the ocean right from your bedroom window. Or buying a house for your momma so she never has to worry about where she’s going to live, ever again.

Whatever you’re dreaming about… See it. Feel it. Write it. Visualize it. Reach for it. Work for it. Take risks for it. Get uncomfortable for it. Stretch for it. Say YES to it.

Every day.





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xoxo, Susan


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